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Documents Referenced in Sweating Bullets:

The documents listed below are unpublished documents about PowerPoint history by various authors, referenced in Sweating Bullets: Notes about Inventing PowerPoint, along with archived versions of a few other referenced documents difficult to consult. Also included is the full text of the book in a free searchable PDF with hyperlinks.

Andreessen, Marc. 2007. “Part 3: ‘But I Don’t Know Any VCs!’ ” Pmarca Guide to Startups. June 25, 2007. Archived at

Austin, Dennis, and Robert Gaskins. 1985. “Presenter [PowerPoint] Design.” 21 August, 1985.

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Gaskins, Robert. 1984. “Presenter [PowerPoint] Original Proposal.” 14 August, 1984.

Gaskins, Robert. 1986. “Presenter [PowerPoint] Marketing Analysis.” 27 June, 1986.

Gaskins, Robert. 1986. “Presenter [PowerPoint] New Product Summary and Review.” 15 July, 1986.

Gaskins, Robert. 1986. “Presenter [PowerPoint] Status Update.” 14 August, 1986.

Gaskins, Robert. 1987. “Forethought Future Business Strategy.” 25 May, 1987.

Gaskins, Robert. 1987. “History of Forethought Since the Restart.” 25 May, 1987.

Gaskins, Robert. 1987. “Lessons from the Experience of the Restart.” 25 May, 1987.

Gaskins, Robert. 1987. “Response to Microsoft.” 1 June, 1987.

Gaskins, Robert. 1987. “Response to Microsoft, Extended.” 15 June, 1987.

Gaskins, Robert. 1988. “Results of Microsoft’s Graphics Business Unit after Our First Year.” 8 August, 1988.

Gaskins, Robert. 1992. “Photos of GBU on Sand Hill Road, 1992” (PowerPoint presentation; “.pps” is a self-running slide show, “.ppt” is a conventional PowerPoint presentation). Includes good photographs of many of the GBU people. 1992.

Gaskins, Robert. 2002. Interview by Peter Day. “Power Mad.” BBC Radio 4, London. 10 February, 2002.

Gaskins, Robert. 2002. Transcript of interview by Peter Day. “Power Mad Transcript.” BBC Radio 4, London. 10 February, 2002.

Gaskins, Robert. 2007. “PowerPoint at 20: Back to Basics.” Communications of the ACM 50, no. 12 (December 2007): 15–17. On the web at

Gaskins, Robert. 2012. “Comments on Dilbert’s History of PowerPoint.” 2012.

Gaskins, Robert. 2012. “PowerPoint 1.0 for Macintosh 1987, T-Shirt 25-Year Re-Issue.” The original pre-Microsoft packaging for PowerPoint 1.0 for Macintosh, as shipped by Forethought. 20 April 2012. Archived design with 25th-anniversary dates at

Gaskins, Robert. 2012. Sweating Bullets: Notes about Inventing PowerPoint. San Francisco and London: Vinland Books, 512 pp. Library of Congress Control Number 2012936438. LC classification T385 .G379 2012, LC Dewey class no. 005.5/8. LC Subjects: Gaskins, Robert, Microsoft PowerPoint (Computer file)--History, Forethought, Inc.--History, Microsoft Corporation--History--20th century, Presentation graphics software--History. Publication formats: ISBN13: 978-0-9851424-0-7 (hardcover) ISBN10: 0-9851424-0-5 (hardcover), ISBN13: 978-0-9851424-1-4 (web PDF) ISBN10: 0-9851424-1-3 (web PDF), ISBN13: 978-0-9851424-2-1 (paperback) ISBN10: 0-9851424-2-1 (paperback), ISBN13: 978-0-9851424-3-8 (ebook kindle) ISBN10: 0-9851424-3–X (ebook kindle), ISBN13: 978-0-9851424-4-5 (ebook epub) ISBN10: 0-9851424-4–8 (ebook epub). 20 April 2012. Archived searchable full text with hyperlinks to unpublished sources at

Gaskins, Robert, and Dennis Austin. 2002. Interview by Steffan Heuer. “The Revolutionaries of the Office.” Brand Eins (Issue 3, 2002). Translated by Susan Grabau.

Gaskins, Robert, and Laura Gould. 1972. Snobol4: A Computer Language for the Humanities. Berkeley, CA: University of California, 1972. On the web at

Gates, Bill. 1991. “Market Share of Applications in the United States.” 19 February, 1991.

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Archived at

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Rudkin, Tom. 1987. “Appearance of PowerPoint under Windows and Presentation Manager.” 5 October, 1987.


PowerPoint 25th Anniversary:

Sweating Bullets front cover

“PowerPoint was the first presentation software designed for Macintosh and Windows, received the first venture capital investment ever made by Apple, then became the first significant acquisition ever made by Microsoft, and is now, twenty-five years later, installed on over one billion computers worldwide.”

“Robert Gaskins (who invented the idea, managed its design and development, and then headed the new Microsoft group) has written this book to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of PowerPoint, recounting stories of the perils narrowly evaded as a startup, dissecting the complexities of being the first distant development group in Microsoft, and explaining decisions and insights that enabled PowerPoint to become a lasting success.”

Published by Vinland Books 2012,
Hardcover 6" x 9", 512 pp., $35.00
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Full PDF format (fully searchable and with links to references) is available worldwide for free download here, www.robertgaskins.com/powerpoint-history/sweating-bullets/gaskins-sweating-bullets-webpdf-isbn-9780985142414.pdf.
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